People Are Talking About You

February 26, 2008

The thing about word of mouth is that it happens naturally. People will talk about a company’s product or services whether the owners like it or not. The challenge for small business is to make sure that the conversations are positive and not negative.

The good thing is that for small business, the line of sight to the customer is much more direct than that of large corporations. It’s much easier for the owner of a small business to have direct impact on the relationship with customers. He or she doesn’t have to go through layers of organizations and departments and rules and such. They can get to know their customers on a personal level, if they choose. And most small business owners should choose to do so.

A business owner’s relationship with his customers can be a key source for word of mouth. Sometimes its the little things that get people talking. Remembering their names,  their kid’s names, their birthdays. Anything you can do to make the customer relationship special will result in positive word of mouth.

With the low quality of customer service we all receive from most companies in nearly every single product category, small businesses can gain a competitive edge and tons of referrals by simply doing ordinary things extremely well. It sounds easy but so many companies miss the mark by treating their customers poorly.


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