Word of Mouth Led Me To WordPress

March 11, 2008

It was through Word of Mouth that I found out about WordPress in the first place. I participated in Andrew Morrison’s Small Business Boot Camp ( www.SmallBusinessCamp.com ) this past February 22-24th. Mr. Morrison, an engaging and inspiring speaker with a huge following of small business owners, introduced me and 82 other small business owners to WordPress during an intense day and a half session.

He suggested that one of the best ways to promote a business, especially those of us in the advice business is to have a blog, and so one of the exercises he had us go through was to create a blog using WordPress.

Needless to say, I’m one of the attendees that got hooked and ever since, I’ve been spreading the word about this wonderful communications tool. My enthusiasm is driven by the ease of use and it seems that every day I’m hearing others talk about how good it is compared to other such platforms. Nothing like having a decision reinforced by others!

So my experience with WordPress is a case study in how word of mouth works. Someone who I perceived as credible told me about a product they used and were happy with. I accepted their recommendation, tried the product and discovered that I like it too and so I’m telling others about it.

Now as long as my experience with all of WordPress’ touch points continue to be positive then the cycle should continue. This is the type of old fashioned word of mouth that works best. Companies that provide a great product and/or excellent customer service on a consistent basis can have a certain level of confidence that the buzz about them will tend to be positive.


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