Personal Stories Fuel Word of Mouth Campaigns

April 1, 2008

Most people love a good story. The more compelling the story the more that people will relate it to others. In many cultures, storytelling is the way that cultural norms are taught, shared and accepted. Having a good story, particularly about a product, brand or service is a good starting point for developing a word of mouth campaign. Brands like Google, Yahoo and Apple, to name just a few have compelling stories about how each was started.

Small businesses need to develop their stories with an eye towards how it might spur conversations about them. Think in terms of how your business started. What caused you to set off on your own? What were the circumstances? The stories about your business can become part of your brand lore. It becomes something that your advocates and evangelists can talk about when introducing you to their friends and families. So tell your story for positive word of mouth.


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