Five Steps to Planning a WOM Campaign

June 19, 2008

Small business owners often operate under the mistaken assumption that word of mouth is out of their control and that what ever will happen will happen. However, while it is impossible to control word of mouth, it is very possible to influence what people say about a company product or service.

Providing a superior product and/or world class customer service is one way to influence consumer conversations and it is an absolute must for businesses considering a word of mouth marketing campaign. It seems simple, yet so many businesses, small medium and large, provide mediocre products and less than stellar customer service.

I am certain that readers of this blog are not among the mediocre product and service bunch. So if you have the basics in place, great products and service we can talk about creating a campaign to promote, sustain and foster positive word of mouth. There are five steps in planning and developing a word of mouth marketing campaign:
• Identify Your A&E’s
• Develop the Right Stuff
• Facilitate The Conversation
• Get In The Game
• Measure

For more information how to plan a word of mouth campaign, e-mail us at info@glmarketresearch.com for a copy of our latest white paper: Planning and Developing a Word of Mouth Campaign


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