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Generate Word of Mouth the Old Fashioned Way…Earn It

March 16, 2008

Creating an effective word of mouth marketing campaign requires an understanding of the natural process that consumers go through when deciding on a brand, product or service. We all seek the advice of others and are more than likely exposed to several different alternatives through the traditional forms of advertising. But during the decision making process we try and get objective and unbiased information usually from sources we trust such as family, friends and colleagues within our personal social networks.

This lies at the heart of why word of mouth is so effective. We know that the folks in our social network are more interested in our well being than they are in the well being of a company (at least we hope that they are). They will tell us the good, the bad and the ugly things they have experienced or heard about a product and share it with us.

Interestingly enough some companies recruit people to serve as brand ambassadors. Their assignment is to create buzz about a product. These brand ambassadors are given samples and other incentives to do their jobs. Sometimes this can backfire. Just ask Target.

Small businesses should build word of mouth the old fashion way…EARN IT. You earn positive word of mouth by having either great products or world class, knock their socks off service. Companies that commit to this over the long term will have a sustainable competitive edge rather than a passing fad and can avoid the embarrassment of being outed by bloggers.